But Police Get Tasered, Too!

A frustratingly common argument in favor of widespread Taser use goes as follows: "Mike, Tasers are not that big of a deal.  Every new officer in the police academy gets tased.  Are you saying we are torturing our own cadets?!"  Superficially, that's not a bad argument.  In reality, it's an embarrassingly weak one.

In training in the police academy when police get tased, there are EMTs on site. The floors are padded. Other officers are there to “spot” the officers.

On the streets, a motorist doesn't have an EMT to monitor him for heart conditions.  He has no one to prevent him from landing on the concrete, causing him to lose teeth.  In short, a real-life tasering is nothing like a police academy tasering.

This video should put the, "Cops get tased, too!" argument to bed:



10:08 PM

I'm handling a Taser case now. Part of the police training includes watching a video of the "toughest man in the Marines" taking a Taser shot. He's the guy who teaches martial arts and fighting to Marines at Guantanamo. He was hooked up to a Taser and told his "mission" was to get to a gun that was 5 feet away. When they clobbered him with the Taser he said later all he could do was "curl up and cry like a baby" - great video!
Steve Magas
The Bike Lawyer