Two Interesting Cases from CTA8

08/25/05 Jordan Blair v. Bob Wills, et al.,
U.S. Court of Appeals
Case No. 04-2434
and No. 04-2540
and No. 04-2539
Eastern District of Missouri
[PUBLISHED] [Bowman, Author, with Arnold and Riley, Circuit Judges] Civil Case - civil rights. Blair did not show placement by juvenile court to attend church-sponsored boarding school or like facility established school as state actor and thus grant of summary judgment to defendants on civil rights claim was proper. State law claim for false imprisonment failed because minor's parents consented to enrollment and consent was informed. FLSA claims based on school work requirements failed because school was not "employer" and chores were integral part of curriculum. District court abused its discretion in denying new trial, as counsel's misconduct in repeatedly asking irrelevant and prejudicial questions prejudiced the jury.

08/25/05 Charles Russell v. Hennepin County
U.S. Court of Appeals
Case No. 04-3922
District of Minnesota
[PUBLISHED] [Gruender, Author, with Melloy and Heaney, Circuit Judges] Civil Case - civil rights. Six-day detention at adult detention center following entry of guilty plea for making terroristic threats and court's imposition of conditional release did not rise to a constitutional violation; municipal policy was not deliberately indifferent to constitutional rights of convicted felons subject to conditional release; and policy was not the moving force behind the prolonged detention. Plaintiff did not show widespread pattern of failing to follow policy. Summary judgment to defendants was proper. Judge Heaney dissents.