No Liberty Interest in Relationship with Adult Child

Appellant Patricia Robertson appeals the district court’s dismissal of her claims against Appellees Jimmy Hecksel and the City of Gainesville. Corey Rice, Robertson’s son, was killed by Officer Hecksel during a traffic stop. As a result of his death, Robertson argues she suffered a deprivation of her constitutionallyprotected liberty interest in a continued relationship with her adult son. Whether a parent has such a right vis-à-vis her adult child is a question of first impression for this Court. We hold that the Fourteenth Amendment’s substantive due process protections do not extend to the relationship between a mother and her adult son and, therefore, affirm the district court’s dismissal of Robertson’s claims.
Robertson v. Hecksel, No. 04-12357 (11th Cir. Aug. 16, 2005).



9:18 AM

How can it be that parents do not have a protected interest in their children (adult or otherwise) and vice versa? And with the general retreat from substantive due process, what hope is there of the Supreme Court determining that parents have a protected interest in their adult children and that adult children retain a protected interest in their parents?